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The award winning ‘On The Table’ and  ‘Quoi Manger’ iPad app was designed to work across the spectrum of food behaviours, from shopping and planning, to cooking and dining out. It’s been recognized as an ‘App Store Best of 2012’ by Apple and as ‘Best in Tablet Applications’ by the DigiAwards.


Visual Designer, Information Architect.


Data Sources

The app leveraged content from many TC media brands, including Canadian Living, Dealstreet.ca and Weblocal. It was important we played off that content vs. copying it, so not to cannibalize their other properties.

New Brand

When first briefed on the project, the app didn’t have a name.  Jokingly, we called it ‘nom,nom’.  As a result, the visual design and UI needed to be malleable to withstand a potential new adaptation after the fact.

User Centric Design

It was important the design accommodated the user as they used it.  For instance, at the grocery store they may not always have a data plan and when cooking they may not always have clean hands.

Feature Comfort

The app featured nearly 100 curated recipes from the Canadian Living test kitchen. On top of that, it contained many unique attributes that heightened the core experience.  Users could bookmark, share and make notes to any recipe.

But also, they could easily add it’s ingredients to a shopping list.  There, local deals automatically displayed for local grocery stores.  If the user didn’t feel like cooking that dish, the user could easily see geo-targeted restaurants in a similar cuisine.

To Brand or Not To Brand

Earlier exploration took a more leading role in branding and defining the tone of the application.  However, it was decided to strip those elements down to the necessities.

That decision proved to be a wise one. After living under the ‘OnTheTable’ name for years, the app was later repurposed to be strictly ‘Canadian Living’.  Extending it’s longevity, required only a few colour and typographic changes as a result.

Elbow Room

When cooking, a built-in timer was made available to the user. Knowing the tablet would most likely be sitting at a distance away from the splash zone, we designed a cook-mode with simplified UI and larger fonts and elements.

We also knew the user might not always have clean hands, so it was important to design the UI to accommodate.  We used what we called the elbow test, meaning if you couldn’t tap it with your elbow, the UI was too small.

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