Nestlé is trying to change the way world sees them. So, they retooled their positioning and lived up to their tagline: ‘Good Food, Good Life’.
They needed a place to showcase these efforts, and their corporate site was the perfect place. It didn’t appeal to their millennial target audience, and it wasn’t mobile friendly. In short, it was begging to be redone.
We positioned our content strategy to capitalize on the equity of their 40+ brands. Beloved brands, like KitKat and Smarties, worked hard to cross into the smaller brands. And the whole eco-system worked hard to reposition the mother brand.
Also, research showed that recipes we’re a fan favourite. So, they became a critical driver for the users to explore the site. Plus, adding to the over all taste appeal of the site.
The end result is a smart, strategic web presence. Where all brands, including the Nestlé brand itself, can now live the Good Life


Content Strategy, Site Map, Information Architecture, UI Design, Mock-Ups, Usability Testing, Front-End Development Support.

Giving Brands Control

We gave each brand team the opportunity to craft their own section. Using a catalogue of modules for videos, recipes and articles, each page felt unique. Yet, because of a strict framework, still part of the family.
Of course, each brand could promote their active promotions and product lines. They also had areas where they could showcase how they give back. Highlighting their role in the more positive Nestlé Masterbrand eco-system.

Some of the brands we worked with included: KitKat, Smarties, Aero, Turtles, Nestlé Pure Life, Perrier, San Pellegrino, Nescafé, Delissio, Gerber, Good Start, Häagen-Dazs, and Boost.

Adding Taste Appeal

Recipes we’re an important part of the site.  They scored high with our target consumer, and proved to be a great engagemnent driver. To ensure discoverability, users could access them from many areas of the site. Including the navigation, a full page footer, brand pages, other recipes. 
We also provided an opportunity for brands to make recipe collections. Which could help with current campaigns or to keep their brand top of mind.

Improving The Image

Each brand section housed 4 facts on how they are positively impacting the world. In some cases, those facts we’re supported by articles.  Showcasing the masterbrands drive to create healthier and more sustainable products. Living up to their motto: Good Food. Good Life.

Other Initiatives Include:

  • Fully revamped ‘Contact Us’ section to ease consumer frustration
  • Easy to locate nutritional information, and product information
  • Product reviews and ratings

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