The American Express International Membership Rewards program is where cardholders redeem their points. Used by millions across the world, it’s a complex system with hundreds of variants.
Updating the program required meticulous solutions to make a complex e-commerce platform simple. Also, it needed an element of compartmentalization, for different market replication.


Information Architecture, UI Design, Mock-Ups, Usability Testing, Front-End Development Support.


Gift Card Redemption

The gift card section, which consisted of your typical e-commerce flow, had to consider some less than typical UI to accommodate elements like point redemptions, promotions card values and all the markets.


We we’re also tasked with simplifying the checkout process. With all the same considerations as uplifting their gift card section, the checkout flow needed to consider the cart, review and confirmation screens.

Market Variances

Designing for an initial 14 global markets, we needed to ensure the UI was culturally sensitive to accommodate all types of variances.

Points and Purchases

Dealing with different markets not only meant dealing with different languages, but also different currencies, legal systems and cultural distinctions.  A simple purchase button alone needed to accommodate dozens of potential instances.  Of course, we also had to accommodate multiple devices and screen sizes.

A Road to Checkout

For this project, I worked alongside a Solution Architect, Business Analyst, Information Architect, QA and Front End Developer. My amazing team utilized best practices, gained from years of experience with e-commerce platforms, to help craft the perfect solution.  Using a working prototype, built off the wires, we engaged an unbiased third-party to test the new flows with actual cardholders.  The combined efforts helped shape the final solution, ensuring it a simpler user experience.

Global Redemption

We constructed the final solution with a goal of compartmentalization. This mindset, allowed us to expand into different countries, with little effort.  Part of that exercise was to create a comprehensive style guide. The guide superseded the any mock-ups to be a source of truth for the look and feel of the entire program.

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